FEST Pro is a new initiative by the Belgrade International Film Festival, FEST. This program is specifically designed to support film professionals and create a platform for the film industry to network, learn, and explore new opportunities. The aim of FEST Pro is to establish Belgrade as a hub for the film industry and a desirable destination for film productions. From February the 28th until March the 2nd, the FEST Pro program will feature a series of panels, meetings, and workshops with international guests and local film professionals. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the film industry, current trends and future directions. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain insights into the latest film production technologies and techniques. In addition to professional development opportunities, FEST Pro will also provide a rich cultural experience. The festival has organized visits to film studios and city tours to showcase the best film locations Belgrade has to offer. In the evenings, there will be entertainment events and parties to ensure that participants have an enjoyable and memorable time during their stay.

FEST Pro - Registration

FEST Pro - Registration

We invite you to attend FEST Pro panels and workshops for film professionals. Important names of film industry will be hosts and panelists.Attendance is free of charge, and you only need to register.

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