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Films that Can Only Be Seen at the 50th FEST

Traditionally, certain films can only be seen at FEST and will not be shown later in cinemas. At this year's 50th FEST, important titles stand out, which will be presented exclusively at screenings within the Festival. Among the titles that can only be seen at FEST will be:

‘Licorice Pizza’, an Oscar nominee for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Motion Picture of the Year and Best Original Screenplay, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring, among others: Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper.

‘Mothering Sunday’, a drama coming from Great Britain, was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Notable roles are played by Olivia Colman, Colin Firth, Glenda Jackson. The director is Eva Husson. The film is set in the spring of 1924, when the young maid Jane works for the Nivens, a couple who lost their son on the battlefields of the First World War. She has a love affair with Paul, the son of Nivens' neighbors, who has returned from war and struggles with survivor guilt.

The Irish-British-Polish film ‘Wolf’ starring Lily-Rose Depp and George MacKay, is about Jacob who believes that he is the wolf trapped in the human body. When his family sends him for treatment, he undergoes extreme forms of therapy. After meeting a mysterious girl, who believes that she is a wild cat, and as their friendship grows into infatuation, Jacob is faced with a challenge: should he give up his true self for love? The film was screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Romanian film ‘Blue Moon’, which won the Golden Seashell for Best Film at the San Sebastian Film Festival, was directed by Alina Grigore. In this film, the main character is Irina who struggles to receive a higher education and escape her dysfunctional family. An ambiguous sexual experience will spur her intention to fight violence in her family.

‘Red Rocket’, a comedy about life on the margins of the American society. Sean Baker is the director, screenwriter and editor of the film. It has had notable screenings at festivals in Cannes and San Sebastian. The film follows porn actor Mikey, who went bankrupt in Los Angeles and decides to return to his hometown in Texas, but no one there is happy to see him again.

The American drama ‘Jockey’ has won awards at festivals, including the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting (Clifton Collins Jr.) at the Sundance Festival and Special Mention at the Zurich Festival. Clint Bentley is the screenwriter, director and producer of this film. The film is about the experienced rider Jackson Silva, who endured decades of racing on the equestrian track, and due to his deteriorating health, he is facing his last season in this sport. With the help of Ruth and the new promising horse, Jackson begins to prepare for the last championship of his career, thinking about his legacy.

The film from Germany, ‘Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull’, was directed by Detlev Buck, who also wrote the screenplay. This is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Thomas Mann. The film is set in Paris, at the beginning of the 20th century. Felix Krull is a handsome young man who has an extraordinary gift to transform and adapt in order to achieve the goal of reaching a higher social ladder. While working in a luxury hotel, he gets involved in a love triangle in which he realizes the greatest opportunity to progress.

The Russian film ‘House Arrest’ (Delo) by Alexey German Jr. has been screened at numerous festivals, including Cannes and Karlovy Vary. In this film, university professor David takes to social media to criticize the city’s administration. Instead of mayor's affairs being investigated, David soon finds himself accused of embezzlement and placed under house arrest. However, he remains defiant and will not apologize. As the trial approaches, the question arises as to whether there is any hope that David will win this battle against Goliath. German's film arrives at FEST for the second time, after the film ‘Dovlatov’ in which our Milan Marić starred.

The Croatian film ‘The Staffroom’, directed by Sonja Tarokić, won two awards in Karlovy Vary - Special Mention of the Main Jury and the Award of Ecumenical Jury - Special Mention, as well as Special Mention of the Jury in International Competition at the Zagreb Festival. In this film, faced with the limitations of the school system and surrounded by discouraged primary school teachers, the new school counsellor Anamarija, full of enthusiasm, comes into conflict with a problematic history teacher, unaware that she is slowly becoming more and more like her colleagues in the staffroom.

The Macedonian film ‘Sisterhood’ (Sestri), directed by Dina Duma, won an award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival - Special Mention in the East of the West Award programme. The film deals with a relevant topic - teenagers Maja and Jana are inseparable and they do everything together. One night at a party, they videotape Elena, the most popular girl at school, being intimate with Maja's crush. Jana convinces Maja to share the video and when it goes viral, Elena's life is ruined.  

French film by director Antoinette Boulat ‘My Night’ (Ma nuit) was shown at festivals in Venice, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Ghent; The film follows Marion who is 18 years old. Filled with grief since the loss of her sister, she has reached the age when she feels the need for freedom. One night, he sets off on a ride through the streets of Paris and meets the impulsive Alex.

The Austrian film ‘Luzifer’ has won numerous awards at festivals: Locarno - Critics' Award; Austin - Best Actor (Franz Rogowski); Sitges - Best Actor (Franz Rogowski) and Best Actress (Susanne Jensen). The film is based on a true story. Johannes, a young man with the mental faculties of a child, lives in seclusion in the Austrian Alps with his mother, a former drug addict and now a God-fearing woman. When an investor starts buying the land around them to build a cable car, their world turns upside down with tragic consequences.

The Romanian film ‘Imaculat’ won numerous awards at the Venice Film Festival as part of the ‘Giornate degli Autori’ programme: Director's Award, for Women Screenwriters Under 40, the Luigi De Laurentiis Award for Best Debut Film. The film is directed by Monica Stan and George Chiper. After her drug addict boyfriend is arrested, Daria, at the urging of her parents, goes to rehabilitation and tries to give up heroin. At the clinic, her unwavering loyalty to her partner and perceived innocence gains her the protection of the mostly male junkies inside, but she soon finds out that this special treatment comes at a great price.  

Bitch, A Derogatory Term for a Woman’, a Slovenian film directed by Tijana Zinajić, won seven Vesna awards at the Slovene Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Production Design and Best Costume Design). In the film, the painter Eva lives life to the fullest: she smokes, drinks, occasionally takes drugs, has fun, but finds no inspiration to paint.

The documentary ‘Oleg: The Oleg Vidov Story’ reveals the incredible life story of Oleg Vidov, who was born in communist Russia. At the age of 25, Vidov became one of the most famous actors in the USSR. However, no fame could save him from the political system that was trying to control his life. He was blacklisted and was threatened with death, which forced him to flee to the West. Numerous famous actors from Serbia appear in this film, among whom are: Milena Dravić, Tanasije Uzunović, Merima Isaković i Veljko Bulajić.

Tickets for FEST can be purchased at Ticket Vision outlets and online at (for screenings in the Kombank Hall and Dom omladine), as well as at the box offices of the halls where the films are screened: Kombank Hall, Dom omladine, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Cineplexx Galerija, Cineplexx Ušće, Yugoslav Film Archive - Uzun Mirkova, Fontana.  



Knjaz Miloš
Embassy of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro